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Kilian Eller

About me

My name is Kilian and I am 24 years old and come from Franconia, Würzburg. I am studying computer science and have been working as a student worker for several years.
This homepage tells something about my skills, projects and hobbies.
You can consider the things listed here as a kind of portfolio, whereas especially the page about the terrarium should be more of a guide to reproduce or inspire.

I welcome comments on the respective project, no matter if questions, criticism or own experiences.

Have fun browsing!

My passion for programming I discovered at the age of 15/16 and started to learn with a C++ book. Shortly after that I got involved in native Android app development, and later I started working with Xamarin (C#) cross-platform. In addition I also learned the basics of WPF (C# and .Net) development and did some work on the Azure Cloud. Currently I'm writing native Android apps with Java/Kotlin and getting familiar with Flutter.

My spare time is of course not only about programming. I like to ride a bike and take pictures from time to time. I also have a reptile and play with home automation.



Android development (Java/Kotlin),
Automated testing (Espresso),
Jetpack Libraries


Android, Web and Desktop,
Native Android Plugins,
Cross-platform databases


Various wrappers for Android and Flutter, migrations, constraints


Used as a tool both at work and in university projects


Jira as ticket system for the creation of branches as well as for merge requests and testing


Sony Remote

The goal was to remote control a Sony camera. So I learned Kotlin privately, meanwhile also how to decode a USB protocol and in the future I will convert the whole project into a Flutter app


This project is about the automation of a terrarium. Starting with an Arduino that sends sensor data to a Raspberry Pi , which then sends the data to a Rest Api and later to the use of existing solutions. Now it uses MQTT and Home-Assistant together with Node-Red.


This was a project for a university subject. Here I discovered the best Flutter SQL Library (Moor) for my needs, because this is supported on all platforms. I also learned a lot about Flutter itself.



University of Applied Science Fulda

Bachelor of Applied Science

University of Applied Sciences Studies

In 2018 I started my computer science studies from Scratch at the University of Applied Sciences Fulda with many practice oriented subjects. 

OCT 2016 — SEP2018

University of Würzburg

Bachelor of Applied Science

University Studies

Here I started my computer science studies, because Würzburg is my hometown. Since I started working as a student worker in the 2nd semester, I soon realized that the pure university study does not offer me enough practical relevance.

Work Experience


Fleetboard Logistics GmbH

Student Worker – App Development

Current job

Here I continue to work with my existing and new colleagues at the App HABBL.
Since I learned a lot of Kotlin in my private projects I was one of the first to use the new language. The advantages of Kotlin include shorter code and null safety.
Everyday tasks
MAR2017 — FEB 2019

Student Worker – App Development

Entry into the world of work

I started this job as a student worker during my 2nd semester at the University of Würzburg. HABBL was the project I was working on here.

During this time I gained a lot of practical experience and got to know tools like Git and Jira. But I was also given a lot of freedom, I was allowed to design code myself and implement it independently after consultation and adjustments with my colleagues.

HABBL was later integrated into Fleetboard Logistics GmH : Article, that's where I work at the moment.